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OK so you are getting married, and there is just SO much to think about. So many choices of venue, decorations, dresses, transport, it's exciting and mind boggling all at the same time. Well don't panic! These guides have been borrowed from the internet to help you decide how big you need to go and give you a guide to the flavours available, but believe me there are so many more to choose from.


My best advice is to contact me and arrange for a cake tasting. It'll cost £20, choose from four flavours to try, bring along family, drink fizz and the best bit is that it is totally refundable if you book us to do your wedding cake.


Wedding cakes need not be 'boring' or traditional, they should reflect you and your relationship. Tie it in with your theme (vintage, romantic, traditional, retro) or go for a Marvel superhero  or Doctor Who wedding cake - just because there isn't a picture of it on my page, doesn't mean I haven't done it, or can't.